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Widely used in plaster board, calcium silicate board, density board, multi-layer plywood, Blockboard and all kinds of planar surface coating, embossing, painting. It can be bonded with PVC film, wood-grain paper, paint-free paper, protective film, high gloss film, etc. Through the most advanced technology and equipment, we can produce bright and elegant crystal boards, color drill boards and various kinds of furniture veneer panels.

The veneer of the equipment is smooth and smooth, and the veneer is evenly bonded. Automatically finish gluing, veneering, drying, hot pressing and paper cutting. Advanced technical indicators, high accuracy, reasonable layout, novel structure, easy operation, pneumatic unwinding, rectifying deviation and deflection, adjustable speed, static elimination, automatic dust removal, glue coating, pneumatic hot pressing and cold pressing, new production process and operation process are adopted, which effectively solves the bad phenomena of sticking, bubbles, wrinkles and so on. It improves the production efficiency of finished products and saves human resources greatly. It is an ideal equipment for sheet metal film coating.

The equipment is divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic, which can be designed and manufactured according to customers'requirements.