Gypsum board equipment

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Equipment characteristics of gypsum board production line

1. simple operation

The equipment of gypsum board production line is easy to operate, especially for the mixer and drying room operator. The computer can directly mix the equipment and automatically control the temperature of the drying room, and automatically change with the change of temperature.

2. New vertical mixer

The equipment of gypsum board production line has small power, no power cut, no blockage and no agglomeration. One machine can produce two kinds of slurry at the same time: foam slurry and non-foam slurry, with foam slurry in the center of the board, and non-foam slurry at three or four centimeters of the two sides of the board, which not only increases the strength of the gypsum board, but also does not increase the weight of the gypsum board. At the same time, it solves the over- 。

3. palletizing and head

The equipment of gypsum board production line is equipped with two parts: palletizer and header. The traditional equipment is controlled manually. The equipment we developed is automatically completed by machine, which saves 50% of the labor in the whole production line.

4. high degree of automation

The equipment of gypsum board production line includes computer forming control system, computer automatic transfer control system, computer drying room control system, computer automatic sizing control system and computer head control system. These systems ensure the improvement of product quality.

5. new drying room

The drying room is the center of the whole equipment. The drying gypsum board guarantees that the sticking paper (paper is not qualified) will neither dry out nor overburn, and the power consumption required is low. In general, the thermal power of hot oil furnace is only 73%, and about 25% of the heat energy is discharged into the sky with the flue gas. The drying chamber uses the heat energy of flue gas and the coverage area of radiator to achieve energy saving of 30%. In addition, lubricating oil can be added to the exterior, which reduces the power by half. With scientific mixing, the whole line can save 40% energy and be easily maintained.

6. product pass rate

Qualification of products directly affects the profits of enterprises, and its output is more important, because a scrap board needs the profits of ten finished products to earn back. Through the ingenious design of scientific researchers, the product can be automatically blended, and the qualified rate of products reaches 90%.

Note: Product Qualification Instructions: The product is sticky paper, but not burnt, not damp for the final qualified product.

7. energy saving

The survival of enterprises is to reduce costs, as long as the cost is low, it can be competitive in the market, save electricity, coal and labor. The number of workers is about 12-14, saving 35% of coal, 45% of electricity and 45% of labor, thus reducing costs. Every square metre has been reduced by about 15%.

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